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33 books, 3 celestial and terrestrial globes, published between 1974 and 1986

created in 1974
was located in Paris
at 24 Place des Vosges

catalogue n° 1 september 1977
catalogue n° 3 september 1979

"Le JARDIN DE FLORE is an ambitious endeavour to rethink and renew the publishing of rare and valuable books...
The first published books reveals three main purposes...". Foreword of the catalogue n°1.(continued)


de perspective positive
60 copperplate engravings with a preface and 10 pages of text
Vues d'optiques

Set of 22 round plates
including du Cerceau's titles

Paris,Mamart Patisson,1576
Paris, Jardin de Flore, 1977

Jacques Androuet du Cerceau

Jacques Androuet du Cerceau, architect of the King and of the duchess of Ferrare, made an important contribution to the art of perspective, which was then undergoing a complete change and formed the basis of architectural studies in both France and Italy. Considered as the greatest ornamentalist of the Renaissance,he is thought to have been one of the first to introduce copperplate engravings ... (continued)


between 1499 and 1506, Milano
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

Sheets, in a blue satin publisher's case

Le Géomètre attribué à Léonard de Vinci

"This booklet, true little masterpiece, extremly rare, assembles seven scripted pages and a frontispiece, the Geographic Surveyor, widely attributed to Leonardo da Vinci...(continued)

Jacques BESSON
Livre premier des instruments mathématiques et mécaniques
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore
60 etchings and 20 pages of text

Besson Livre des instruments mathématiques

The engravings by J. Androuet du Cerceau from J. Besson's drawings,
represent the inventions - most of them were actually built - of the inventor and mathematician


et Pendants d'oreille
XVIe century
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

Linen-faced dust jacket in publisher's slip cover

Androuet du Cerceau Bijoux

Designed and engraved by Jacques Androuet du Cerceau these 50 jewelry engravings were particularly interesting for Fernand Fouillon.
This aspect of the work of the celebrated Renaissance architect and ornamentalist is less well known than his treatises on perspective and architecture ..(continued)

Le Livre de Bijouterie
End of XVIe century
1979, Paris, Jardin de Flore

20 plates in sheets, with a midnight-blue satin dust jacket inside a slip cover

Boyvin Livre de bijouterie

The 55 drawerings coverong 20 plates are remarkable for their diversity and extreme audacity of inspiration, and astonishing virtuosity in their execution. The engraver from Angers (Loire Valley), René Boyvin, is more reknowned for his work in jewelry design...(continued)

Gilles L'EGARE
Livre de divers ouvrages de Bijouterie et de Joaillerie
XVIIIe century
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

Linen-faced dust jacket in publisher's slip cover

L'Egaré Bijouterie et joaillerie

This collection has never been reissued, which accounts for its extreme rarity today. In republishing this series, le Jardin de Flore wanted to aim at bringing once again and to the public the work of this great creative artist who differs from du Cerceau and even more from Boyvin...(continued)

Jean-Jacques BOISSARD
Habitz de Nations Estrages
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

186 engraved figures, each comprises three subjects

Boissard Habits des nations étranges

This book reveals to what extend clothes reflect the immanence or the evolution of costums in some countries. For example the Lady...(continued)

Series of Sea Vessels
Suite des Vaisseaux de Mer
1559-1565, Antverpia
1977, Paris, Jardin de Flore
Series of 11 pieces

in quarto
ISBN 2-85967-002-5

Sea Vessels by Bruegel

This is a famous and an extremly rare collection of eleven engravings designed by Peter Brueghel and engraved by Frans Huys. Its documentary value is exceptional...(continued)

on pure-cloth laid paper
made by hand
by Richard de Bas Paper Mill

Jardin de Monceau

fin XVIIIème
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

Carmontelle Jardin de Monceau

The Castle of Monceau's english garden was one of the firts attempts to create such gardens in France...(continued)

aces Pavilions and Gardens created by

1977, Paris, Jardin de Flore
20 copperplates
Mould-made pure rag vellum
See the album

Castiglione Palaces pavilions and Gardens

Fernand Pouillon re-edited this extremly rare and wonderful collection (three exemplaries known only in the world) of engravings by Chinese artists, depicting the palaces, pavilions, gardens and ornamental lakes built or laid out for the Emperor K'ien Long by the Jesuits.(continued)

Vincenzo Maria CORONELLI
Cartes du Ciel et de la Terre
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore


52 plates
maps of the Earth and the Heavens

Globe de Coronelli

V. Coronelli (Venice, 1650-1718) artist and cartografer, founder of the first geographical society, author and publisher of the first modern encyclopaedia arranged in alphabetical order, first became known in his native city. His fame outside Venice is mainly due to the famous "Globes de Marly"...(continued)

Pascal COSTE
Monuments du Caire
designed from 1818 to 1826
1827, Paris, Firmin-Didot
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

102 plates
Colours applied by hand one at a time. Japanese vellum paper, especially made
by Van Gelder of Holland

Coste Monuments du Caire


Work showing elevations, sections, details and interiors of the main mosques, public buildings and private houses built by the various Islamic dynasties in Cairo, with explanatory and historical notes. The author was a French architect born in Marseille in 1789. Fascinated by Arab art ...(continued)

L'art du potier de terre
18e century
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

17 plates

Duhamel du Monceau Art du potier


This work depicts a remarkable panorama of Parisian pottery. The convergences and divergences with other types of pottery are especially well brought out....(continued)

Albrecht DURER
Apocalypsis cum figuris
1498, Nüremberg
1977, Paris, Jardin de Flore

16 plates

Dürer Apocalypse


The plates were all engraved on wood by Henri Renaud and printed by the master printer Dominique Viglino.
Connoisseurs are able to rediscover the quality and freshness of the original 1498 engravings : the clarity of the whites and sharpness of the deep blacks..."(continued)

Albrecht DURER
La Grande Passion
ou la vie de Jésus

1511, Nüremberg
1979, Paris, Jardin de Flore

12 plates

Dürer la Grande Passion


This set, published the same years as la "Vie de la Vierge" and the reedition of "the Apocalypse", is a facsimile reproduction of eleven xylographs precede by a frontispice ...(continued)
Albrecht DURER
La Vie de la Vierge
1511, Nüremberg
1979, Paris, Jardin de Flore

20 plates


Dürer Vie de la Vierge


"This set of twenty xylographs published in book form in 1511 contrasts with "The Apocalypse" and "La grande Passion" in that Dûrer abandoned tragic subjects, monsters, violence ans heroism in order to "develop the charms of the everyday" with nobility. ...(continued)

Giacomo FRANCO
Habiti d'Huomeni et Donne Venetiane conla processione della Serenissime ...
1610-1614, A. Turini, Venise
197, Paris, Jardin de Flore

45 plates
250 numbered copies


Giacomo Franco Venezia Venise


New edition of one of the most beautiful, sparkling works ever inspired by Venice. The illuminated plates extol the magnificence of the city of the Doges during its golden age, as seen in its battles, festivities, regattas, public buildings and customs ...(continued)
Vues pittoresques
des principaux édifices
de Paris
1792, Paris, Esnaut et Rapilly
198 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

planches pleine page


Janinet Vues de Paris


Ce petit ouvrage de soixante-treize vues de Paris réunit l'ensemble des édifices qui "comptent" alors à Paris et dont nombre seront détruits par le tracé urbain du baron Haussman...(continued)

Georges Louis LE ROUGE
Détail de nouveaux jardins
à la mode.
Jardins anglo-chinois.

Ier-XXIe Cahiers
1776-1787, Paris, Le Rouge
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore
492 plates
250 numbered copies

Lerouge Jardins anglo-chinois


A positive encyclopaedia, an irreplaceable reference book and an unique source of reference for gardeners, landscape gardeners, architects and ecologists by Georges Le Rouge, engineer, geographer and publisher at a crucial period of the history of the art of rhe garden...(continued)
engraved work of Abraham BOSSE, L. de CHATILLON, Nicolas ROBERT
fin XVIIIe siècle
198 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

photographie en attente


Seulement quelques planches sur les 319 gravées par Abraham Bosse, graveur émérite du XVIIe siècle, ...(continued)

Emile-Aubert LESSORE
et William WYLD
Voyage pittoresque
dans la régence d'Alger

A Pictorial Journey through the Algerian Regency
1833, Paris
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

50 lithographs and
20 pages of text
250 numbered copies

Lessore et Wyld Régence d'Alger



Although it appeared in 1833, this work was undertaken during the Regency in Algeria. It is one of the very rare iconografic accounts of the period of Algerian history preceding colonisation by the French. The Turks after three centuries of domination, had not modified the faces and customs of the country ..(continued)


1818-1828, Paris, Imprimerie Impériale, Imprimerie Royale
1978 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

14 engraved plates
44 full-size illustrations of birds

250 numbered copies


Les Oiseaux du Nil
New edition of one of the ten volumes of texts and twelve volumes of plates that comprised the first edition of DESCRIPTION OF EGYPT, a by-product of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, published under the direction of M. Jomard. The illustrations were drawn and engraved by Messrs Barrabaud, Bouquet et Redouté...(continued)

1509, Venise
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

62 pages of text
87 engravings

200 numbered copies


Pacioli Divina Proportione

New edition of this book remarkable for the exceptional quality of the typography and for its illustrations. The woodcuts are haunted by the prestigious shadow of Leonardo da Vinci , who designed the splendid alphabet and who is said to have drawn with his own hand the 59 solid bodies and hollow polyhedra....(continued)


Jacques PERRET
Des Fortifications
et Artifices

D'architecture et de Perspectives
1601, Paris, Thomas de Leu
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

frontispiece, 12 pages of text and 22 plates (19 doubles)

250 numbered copies


Perret Des fortifications et...

Plates drawn by Jacques Perret and engraved by Thomas de Leu. Jacques Perret, an obscure savoyard gentleman, is in the tradition of the great humanists ans architects such as Alberti or Thomas More, who were obsessed by the idea of a perfect city wich they dreamed of and described.
Perret gives concrete form to the ideas of Averlino, know as le Filarete... (continued)


1953, Paris, at the author's own expense under the title Ordonnances
1976, Paris, Jardin de Flore

93 plates
500 numbered copies


Pouillon Aix-en-Provence

New edition of ORDONNANCES, with the addition of a new preface, a monograph and fifteen unpublished drawings. The plates represents the privates houses and historic buildings and gives the reader a better idea of the very substance of yesterday's city than would a visitor's guide. F Pouillon's text deals with the relationship of past architecture and town planning to those of today...(continued)

Abbaye de Cotignac

Paris, Jardin de Flore

270 copies on paper from Hollande and 500 copies on Arches


Pouillon Abbaye de Cotignac

Work illustrated with plans, facades and cups(cuttings) of the pilgrimage of saint-Joseph and the new abbey Benedictine, extension due to F. Pouillon. These drawings due too to the architect F. Pouillon is accompanied with texts of the author and introduced by the prioress...In-folio it includes a frontispiece, a title, 15 pages of text, 15 plates... (continued)


Globe terrestre contemporain
Contemporary globe
1985, Paris, Jardin de Flore


Pouillon Globe terrestre moderne

Specially designed by Fernand Pouillon for the french President of the Republique François Mitterrand, this globe reflects the frontiers of the world as they were in 1985. It becomes the presidential gift of the french president... (continued)

Journal du maitre d'oeuvre Guillaume Balz,
from March 5th
till December 5th, MCLXI
in the abbey of the Thoronet
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

pure rag laid paper specially made by hand
150 numbered copies


Abbaye du Thoronet

First illustrated edition of this work of the architect F. Pouillon.It enjoyed worldwide success when first published, and is now considered as the classic record of the art of the builder monks of the middle age.The illustrations were drawn and engraved by the author. The capital letters for the chapter headings are after charactes by Geoffroy Tory...(continued)

Plan de plusieurs batimens de mer avec leurs proportions

197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

17 plates
200 numbered copies

Sbonsky de Passebon Vaisseaux de mer

Henri Sbonski de Passebon is the father and undisputed master of marine artistry. Although admired by his contemporaries, he has been in almost total oblivion for two centuries. These superbly drawn and engraved ships were for the first time shown to scale and in their proper setting...(continued)


Sebastiano SERLIO
Troisième, Sixième, Septième et Huitième Livres d'Architecture
Third, Sixth, Seventh and Eight Books of Architecture

prepared but never published

Engravings by Henri Renaud and Patrick Lubin


Serlio Troisième Livre d'Architecture

There was no French translation of the Seventh Book and F. Pouillon was on the point to fill this gap. And the manuscripts of the Sixth and Eight Books, which remained unpublished, has been engraved for the first time since they were written and drawn. Unfortunately money troubles did not allow the Jardin de Flore to publish them.


1595-1600, Venise
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

7 plates
200 numbered copies

Scolari Venise le Bucentaure

The new edition of this collection comprises seven plates, namely: two maps of the Venice area, one of the city itself and five engravings representing its daily life and historic buildings. Stefano Mezzo Scolari, mainly known as a cartographer, is a venetian engraver and printer of the late 16e century...(continued)

Claude-Joseph VERNET
Les Ports de France

Publiher's portfolio
1760, Paris
1978, Paris, Jardin de Flore

22 plates (16 engravings and 6 first-state etchings)
400 copies


Vernet Ports de France

The plates are by Cochin and Le Bas after the original oil paintings by C.J. Vernet. Le Jardin de Flore has brought out a new complete edition of this remarkable series, of which only a few plates have been regularly republished...(continued)
De Artificiali Perspectiva

1505, Toul, Jacobi
1509, Toul, Jacobi
197 , Paris, Jardin de Flore
Foreword by Liliane Brion-Guerry

Pure rag laid paper specially made by Barcham Green and Richard de Bas
150 numbered copies, the first 5 copies on parchment


Jean Pélerin dit Viator Perspective

De Artificiali Perspectiva is considered as one of the ten most perfect and rarest books of the XVth ansd XVIth centuries. Jardin de Flore published the first and also the second edition, different from the first in that the tillustrations were re-engraved. It includes 13 further plates and is otherwise composed. And Jardin de Flore added the last plate of the third edition "La Nef des Sages".
Tong Ren Shu Xue Zhen Jiu Tu Jing
or treatise of acupuncture and moxibustion represented on the bronze statuette
1026, China

152 pages of text and 21 figures
in fact never publised


Wei Dé Wang traité d'acupuncture

This treatise by Wand Wei De Wang deserved to be brought to light at last, because it is both an artistic and a scientific work, and one of capital value for learning about acupuncture, the thousand-year-old treatment whose topical interest is greater than ever. So wrote Le Jardin de Flore but unfortunately never published the treatise till the death of F. Pouillon happened...(continued)
Giuseppe ZOCCHI
Vedute di Firenza
24 views of the city of Florence
1754, Florence, G. Bouchard
198 , Paris, Jardin de Flore

24 plates
Zocchi Vues de Florence

The first eight plates, panoramic views of Florence from different angles, allows us to judge with what sense of continuity the city balanced the austere majesty of the Middle Ages and the elegant classicism of the Renaissance. The following plates shows the principal edifices and the smallest details of their facades...(continued)
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