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update February 22 2012

This page will mention the localization and the general contents of the archives.
Step by step in its travels, works of researchs, interviews and donations of archives, our own archives grow every year. We also bring to light a collection of private archives.


Because of the thickness of the document, we photograph it rather than to scan it. Because of the size of the PDF files we reduce the visual quality.

PAY ATTENTION: this document is a state of the knowledge in 1988. Numerous donations have enriched the collections of municipal, departmental, national archives and that of our association.

We start by making available a state of  F. Pouillon's archives produced in 1988 by Catherine Sayen at the request of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism.

The Minister for Infrastructure Pierre Mehaignerie supported the initiative of the Centre Beaubourg exhibition of fine drawings of Fernand Pouillon's projects.
This official mission had given access to the archives remained in the agency and F. Pouillon villa in Algiers, at that time abandoned. This document therefore reports on archives that were still there in the fall 1987 and spring 1988.
Six months later the October riots broke out during which a significant proportion of these archives, half it seems, was destroyed by fire. To our knowledge no attempt to reconcile this document to the remaining archives has been made.
The dispute between France and Algeria regarding their historical archives has always been serious. The project to borrow documents from the algerian authorities has never materialised. The exhibition planned at the time never went ahead.

Contents and introductionContent

Hotels Alger - Oran
Hotels from Alger to Oran
Hotels Ouargla-Zeralda
Hotels from Ouargla to Zeralda
Housings in Algeria
Housings in Algeria

Halls of residence and universities in Algeria

Universities in Algeria

Administration buildings, decoration and various projects in Algeria
Various projects

Projects in France and Ivory Coast

Projects in France and Ivory Coast

Archives in France: projects in France, Algeria and Iran

Archives in france of projects in France





The architect
Projects not built
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